Ageless Hands

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Our hands say a lot about us. They can reveal the owner's profession, fashion sense and marital status. But that's not all.

Wrinkles, dry skin and age spots are not only unsightly, they can actually make us appear older by aging our hands.

Keep your hands looking young with the following tips:

1. Manicures. A typical manicure includes cuticle softening and a hand massage, which are both essential to maintaining your hands. You don't need to have long nails to get a manicure, as evidenced by the fact that many men get them. But a good manicure will keep your cuticles soft and protect your nails from breakage. The hand massage encourages blood and nutrient flow to your hands, which keeps the skin supple.

2. Deep Moisture. Keep your hands moist with creams and lotions specially formulated for the hands. Give yourself an added boost by bearing moisturizing gloves overnight.

3. Wear gloves. Winter dries out your hands in two ways: the cold air saps moisture from your skin and the cold air constricts blood flow. Keep your hands warm, and protected, with a god pair of gloves. Carry a small tube of hand cream to moisturize before and after wearing your gloves.

4. Wear sunscreen. Liver spots, or age spots, are areas of pigmentation caused by sun damage. Protect your hands, and keep them youthful buy wearing sunscreen, even in winter.

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