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George Lopez: Leading Latino Laughter

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George Lopez is a Mexican American comedian and actor best known for his cutting edge comedy, exploring race relations and Mexican culture in the U.S., and his self-produced ABC sitcom "George Lopez". He is also the host of the nightly variety-style talk show, "Lopez Tonight".

As humanitarians, he and his wife started The George & Ann Lopez-Richie Alarcon CARE Foundation, which provides community and arts resources for education. He has also received the Manny Mota Foundation Community Spirit Award and named Honorary Mayor of Los Angeles for his fund-raising efforts to help earthquake victims and Guatemala and El Salvador. In 2004 he received Harvard University’s Artist and Humanitarian of the Year award.

As a performer, George Lopez has been a positive influence on younger generation Latino comedians and helped bring Latino comedy into the mainstream. He also provided exposure to other funny Latinos on his popular and ground-breaking sitcom.

The George Lopez sitcom ran from 2002 to 2007 and entered syndication in the fall of 2007. While the show has modest success when it aired, it found immense popularity in syndication and as part of the Nick and Nite lineup.

In 2009 TBS announced that George Lopez would be hosting his own talk show, "Lopez Tonight." "Lopez Tonight" is similar to "The Tonight" show and "Conan O'Brien" but with a Latin twist. "Lopez Tonight" premiered on November 9, 2009 with simultaneous feeds on TBS, TBN and TruTV and guests included Eva Longoria Parker, Kobe Bryant, Carlos Santana and a surprise visit from Ellen Degeneres.

"Lopez Tonight" airs weeknights, 11/10C on TBS.

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