Length Matters: How long should pants be?


If you haven’t achieved an appropriate women’s pant length, then chances are pretty good that they’re not. Although women’s fashion trends change quickly and women’s pants styles change just as quickly, it is possible to always achieve the perfect fit, as long as you adhere to a certain set of rules.

There are a number of pant length fiascos to avoid when dealing with women’s apparel; all of which will do nothing to accentuate your figure.

Luckily, however, there are many tried-and-true secrets to a perfect pant length.

1.Never let the hem of your pants touch the floor, as this will simply destroy the hem of your pants and create a tripping hazard, both of which you surely want to avoid.

2.The hem of your pants will vary depending on the height of the heel you will wear with the pants. For example, all of your work-related pants will likely be hemmed as to accommodate higher heels.

3.A good rule of thumb when wearing high heels with pants is to leave the tip of your shoe showing. The back of the pant hem should fall in the middle of your heel.

4.Never, ever let the hem of your pants stop at the ankle, as this will make your legs appear much shorter and thicker.

5.Elongate your legs by choosing women’s pants that meet the instep of your foot.

6.To achieve a perfect fit, take your pants to a tailor. A tailor will likely take measurements of your inseam, as well as the height of your heels, to ensure that the pant length is appropriate.
7.Pant length guidelines should remain the same, from flared and straight leg jeans to dress pants and casual chinos.

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